Portable Sound Camera Wi-Fi



Portable Sound camera Wi-Fi model SeeSV-S205W is a real-time handheld sound camera which implements FPGA-based high speed beamforming technology. It is developed for Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) noise source detection as well as Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) source visualization. It displays transient noise effectively due to its high image per second update rate. SeeSV-S205W is built-in the Wi-Fi module and Battery pack inside of a camera.




  • Unique, Innovative Design
  • High Sensitivity Digital MEMS Microphone
  • High Resolution Optical Camera
  • FPGA-based Real-Time Analysis
  • Light Weight at 2.0kg


  • Real-time Sound Imaging
  • High Speed Image Update, 25 FPS
  • Impulsive Noise Detection
  • Optimized for BSR detection
  • Auto Image Ranging Function
  • Converting to AVI/WAV & TDMS File
  • Real-Time Frequency Adjustment
  • Linear/Exponential Image Averaging
  • Effective Post Processing
  • FFT and Octave Analysis


Microphone Array
Mic. Type Digital MEMS Microphone
Number of Mic. 30
Mic. Sensitivity -26 dBFS at 94 dBFSPL
Array Diameter 38 cm
Frequency Range Min. 350 Hz / Max. 12 kHz
Recommended 2 kHz ~ 10 kHz (Recommended)
Meas. Distance 0.2 m ~ 5 m(Recommended)
Weight 2 kg
Data Acquisition and Processing
Sampling Rate 25.6 kS/s
Imaging Algorithm Beamforming
Environmental Condition
Operating Temp. -20 °C ~ + 50 °C
Operating Humidity 10~ 85 %
Wi-Fi Module
- IEEE802.11a/n Wi-Fi
- 2.4/5GHz
- Speed:Max.150Mbps
- Reconnect in less than 0.05sec
Battery Pack
- Battery Type : 4-cell, Lithium-lon Battery
- Charging voltage : DC 24V
- Charging Time : 3 hours
- Battery Life : 2 hours and 30 minutes

Array Beam pattern

-3dB width : ±15.75 deg
Max. Side Lobe : -13.30 dB

Simulation at 2 kHz


Array Beam pattern

-3dB width : ±6.23 deg
Max. Side Lobe : -11.40 dB

Simulation at 5 kHz



SeeSV-S205W accessories can help to detect BSR sources conveniently under various environment conditions

Car Power Connector

Connector : LEMO to Cigar Jack
Cable Length : 1.8M
Power : DC12V 5A


Dimensions: 56 x 38 x 20cm (+15cm)
Weight: 3.5 kg (7.716lbs)
Travel Bag Volume: 40L
Detachable Rucksack Volume: 20L
Skate Wheels replaceable


Maximum Height with Extended Center Column : 179cm
Maximum Height : 150cm
Minimum Height (Closed Length) : 49.7cm
Weight : 2kg
Maximum Load Capacity : 5kg
Plate Supplied with the Head : 200PL-14



BSR Noise Detection


NVH Noise, Power Train Noise Detection


Noise Leakage Detection


Videos about the applications or how to use the sound camera, consists of a title and an explanation on what it is about,
without showing the number of hits or the date it was uploaded on the screen

Car Seat Headrest Rattle

A Sound camera, SeeSV-S205, detected rattle nose from
car seat headrest component

Localization of windshield wiper blade and its motor noise by a sound camera

A sound camera, SeeSV-S205, detects squeak noise from a
windshield wiper blade and its motor

SM Instruments Sound Camera on
BBCs program

The BBCs popular “The One Show” television program
recently used the SM Instruments sound camera as part of
a televised feature on Marsh frogs

Crack Detection

SeeSV-S205 Sound Camera uses in composite material acoustic nondestructive testing by University of Washington